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What you should know about this site:

  • We are not directly affiliated with any one aircraft company.
  • You must own your own set of prints unless you or we designed the part for you.
  • Parts are to spec unless otherwise noted.
  • We are open to expanding and creating more catalogs for other Homebuilt Aircraft.
  • We will only consider making parts for most any Homebuilt and Static Display Aircraft.
  • We DO NOT sell Plans, Prints or CAD files
  • Buyers are required to inspect all parts upon receipt.
    If the part does not meet the print Specification, contact us for return instructions and a refund.

Shout-out to customer Bret Wikes from Georgia.   What an amazing Corsair Bret!

WELCOME New Customers!

  • Tom – Minnesota, USA
  • Jean – Marseille, FRANCE

New Project Announcements

  • F4U – Minnesota, Project Purchase – Fall 2018
  • F4U – Marseille, France – Summer 2019
  • P47 – Marseille, France, Summer 2019

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