About Us

In the late ’90s we wanted to build a Corsair from plans as a group project which had nothing to do with our core business. We were all good friends and wanted something to do after work. After searching the web, it was determined that the WAR F4U was the only one out there.

So a call to the Owner of WAR at that time and a few hours on the phone, a friendship was created. Plans for the P-47 and F-4U where purchased that night.

Inside the tightly wound prints was a catalog with a note explaining that this was the original WAR catalog and even though he was trying to get parts made, there were a few item that came with the company when he purchased it from the original owners. Having experience in manufacturing and knowing the RFI/RFP process only too well, we volunteered to help get the ball rolling on adding parts to the catalog.

Thru the years, many WAR Aircraft builders offered to make parts and some did for awhile, but none of them kept doing it for very long. NuLANtek was one such company but stayed committed longer than any one else.

When NuLANtek started, our primary business was Computer Consulting. After 911 happened, we lost too many of our biggest clients too quickly and the company could not survive. After paying our bills, there was nothing left and we put the company in ice. The owner of NuLANtek, kept the relationship with WAR alive. He put together a quick website for free to help get the word out that WAR was still alive. Websites then lead to making parts, which then lead to designing and improving parts.

NuLANtek found a new purpose when WAR asked us if it was possible to re-design each aircraft so it was bigger in order to support the Rotec Engine and also bigger pilots. Re-designing the Corsair and FW190 both proved that when changing the scale, a cascading effect happen where all structures and supporting structures also had to change. We had to start over! …but if we were going to start over, why should we not improve the structure and build techniques? Maybe we should change the entire aircraft into a composite kit.

The 70 Series was born! NuLANtek was pulled from accounting moth-balls and created the first specific Aircraft division which is now know as Warbird Replicas. A new site was built to keep people interested in the new series while they could watch it being created. The WAR catalog was located on that page, but just caused confusion.

So it was decided to move All Part catalogs to one site and development sites will just be linked here.

If you have parts you need made for an aircraft and there is not already a catalog for it, we would love to discuss the possibilities.


What we make:

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